Spring Snare Prototype

sidło podrywaneSpring snares are, apparently, great for when you are forced to use soft cordage such as para cord. The animal can’t easily bite through the cord when lifted up above the ground. I say ‘apparently’ because it is illegal to use snares (any kind) where I currently live and I’ve never had a chance to test them properly. Although, I must admit, I did catch a pest feral cat in my yard once, using a very sophisticated counterbalance, trigger and alarm mechanism. Don’t worry. The cat lived and never came back after the experience.

Spring SnareThere are many different trigger types and all sorts of ways of installing the snare. I thought it’d be good to try out at least some of those ideas and see how they look and work in real life. I believe that’s the only way to learn things properly.







Therefore, I wasn’t very surprised when it turned out that everything was more difficult then I’d imagined. Working with a strong springy pole which you can’t turn is a completely different and new experience. The snare and the trigger needed some adjustments too. The noose knot was too tight, which you can clearly see at the end of the video. It probably wouldn’t catch anything at that point as it didn’t even close properly on my hand. It needed to be loosened up.

The location was also rather accidental and I’m pretty sure the snare wouldn’t work on such a wide open path. But that’s just a prototype and it wasn’t gonna stay there anyway.