Silky Large Folding Saw Speed Cut Test

Silky Saw 01

Some time ago I saw a speed comparison on YouTube. I can’t find the video anymore but I remember being impressed by the large 7.5″ silky super accel 21 folding saw’s performance. So it naturally ended up on my Amazon wishlist. A few weeks later a got one for my birthday.


Despite the fact that the saw only cuts on back stroke, it outcuts every saw I own and have ever used apart from a chain saw. Obviously. I have a bahco laplander folding saw as well, which I though was good until I got the silky. Now I simply can’t use it. It gets stuck in resinous wood where the silky has no problem going through, and doesn’t cut nearly as fast as the Japanese saw. Just take a look at how quickly it went through a 6″ log of a seasoned ash wood.


Dawn Chorus With Golden Orliole – Sounds of Nature. What a wedding!

Wedding siteThe video below¬†was shot it the least likely place and circumstances – at a wedding party ūüôā Yup, a wedding. And it’s not that I was getting bored with dancing and drinking. It was one of the best wedding parties I remember. And one f the reasons for that was its location – Suchedni√≥w, Poland.

They had a pony pen with an actual pony in it and a bag of bread to feed it just fifty yards from the ballroom. They also had a tawny owl in a cage. That was a bit sad though. A bird in such a small cage. Nevertheless, I must admit it was exciting to see something you don’t normally see from that close in broad daylight.

tawny owl¬†At 3¬†am I decided I needed a break and walked out to take a look at the surroundings. Funny enough, Only a dozen steps away from the party and I could’t hear the music or any noise whatsoever. Something unheard of in London.



Suchednów Suchedniów Poland

And then I heard this. A golden oriole and a robin were¬†leading the dawn chorus. Frogs and a cuckoo were joining from time to time along with a blackcap, song thrush a blackbird and most likely something else I can’t even remember at the moment. Take a look. Maybe you’ll hear something I missed.