Survival Fun With Gun(s)

taurus judge public defender
We traveled to Nevada to visit a facebook friend, bushcrafter, hiker, camper… Maciek.
I’ve always known that firearms can be important survival tools but, like many others, I never really had the chance to practice shooting, gun safety and maintenance as much as I should.

spent bullets We went to the local range to have a bit of productive fun with a Remington 870 12 gauge shotgun, Taurus Judge Public Defender .45 LC/.410, .45 ACP XD-S Springfield, a little .38 special revolver and some 9mm pistols. We also shot a .22 LR semi auto rifle and a .223 AR-15 but by that time the wind was so bad, it was impossible to film. It literally sanded our faces and filled our eyes and noses with mud.

shooting rangeWe tried shooting some clay pigeons but the wind made that exercise pointless too. I guess it’s a valuable lesson and good way of learning to shoot in difficult conditions, since you can’t really count that the weather’s gonna be perfect every time you happen to need to use your gun.
Good times.