Cold Steel Bushman Bowie – Less Obvious Incarnations

Steel – High Carbon spring steel SK-5
Tang – One solid piece of metal with a little hole to accommodate a screw
Length – Total – 31 cm (12″)
Blade – 17.5 cm (7″)
Grind – Hollow
Weight – 280 g (9.9 oz)
Thickness – 2.5 mm (3/32″)
Sheath – Rather crappy nylon pouch but does the job

CS Bushman knife 01

I don’t sell these things but have to be honest. The Cold Steel Bushman Bowie knife is one freakin’ versatile tool. Take just the knife with you (it’ll barely show from under you shirt) and you have:

1. A knife
CS Bushman knife close up
2. A javelin
3. A boar hunting spear with wings (lugs)
Bushman vertical frame

3. A native american spearhead knife

spearhead knife

4. And a machete/parang

CS Bushman Machete

All you need to unleash the potential lays right around you in the woods. Get yourself a walking stick and you can quickly turn your knife into a very effective weapon. I really like this thing and its versatility.

Silky Large Folding Saw Speed Cut Test

Silky Saw 01

Some time ago I saw a speed comparison on YouTube. I can’t find the video anymore but I remember being impressed by the large 7.5″ silky super accel 21 folding saw’s performance. So it naturally ended up on my Amazon wishlist. A few weeks later a got one for my birthday.


Despite the fact that the saw only cuts on back stroke, it outcuts every saw I own and have ever used apart from a chain saw. Obviously. I have a bahco laplander folding saw as well, which I though was good until I got the silky. Now I simply can’t use it. It gets stuck in resinous wood where the silky has no problem going through, and doesn’t cut nearly as fast as the Japanese saw. Just take a look at how quickly it went through a 6″ log of a seasoned ash wood.