Why Bahco Laplander Sucks

Husqvarna vs Bahco vs SilkySilky vs Bahco vs Husqvarna Saw.
When does the Bahco Laplander folding saw suck? When you compare it to other saws 😉 No, but seriously. It does suck big time when it comes to cutting green, especially coniferous/resinous, wood. Just go and try it yourself. It may have been the best folding saw for buschraft and camping years ago, when there really was nothing better. Or at least when not many people knew better saws existed.

One thought on “Why Bahco Laplander Sucks

  1. It’s funny, but like everything else nowadays, people seem to accept things without challenging the worthiness. I’ve tried all of these saws and regardless of your survival model, or your priorities, you really need to focus on what works best for you and what is clearly the best solution. I’ve watched prepared mind stuff, Dave Canterbury stuff, whatever, but if you really want to live, just go with the obvious. Big knife, ( TOPS Tahoma), medium axe , ( GBrucks), and Silky Gomboy 240. You won’t need anything else. Bahco Laplander? Poor …Move on and survive .

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