Petzl Tikka+ Flashlight – Head Torch Review

Let’s start with some specs.
Weight – 85 g (2.9 oz)
Water resistant – Yes IP X4 (whatever that means)
Powered by 3 AAA batteries (cheap and available everywhere)
Two lights – white and red
White light has 4 main and 2 extra modes:
5 lm – 100 h
30 lm – 12 h
45 lm – 6 h
110 lm – 2 h
Plus strobe and a 140 lm boost lasting 10 seconds after which the flashlight will automatically go back to 110 lumens.

Red light has two mods:
5 lm – 100 h
and red strobe

The price? depending where you ask. From $31 on to £30 in Europe.

PETZL TIKKA plus manualThe torch has also something called constant lighting. What it means is it will continue with almost the same light intensity throughout its working time and will not gradually decrease in brightness. It also means, that the battery will not suddenly die on you and when reaching its limits, it will continue to work at 5 lm for 40 hours. Pretty good.

Why do we need that red lamp there? It allows us to retain our night vision. I don’t know about you but I need it when looking for something in my backpack or making quick notes. And don’t want to be blind as soon as the lights are off.

Long time ago pirates understood the importance of night vision. When going from bright light on the weather deck of the attacked ship into the darkness of the tween deck could cost them their lives, they simply covered one eye and lifted the patch in dimmer light.

It’s probably not as important to us but knowing that regaining the full night vision potential takes up to 20 minutes and that it can be lost within seconds, should make this whole red light ‘fad’ more justified.


In order to turn the flashlight on hold the button for about 2 seconds. To cycle through modes simply keep clicking the button once every time. Unfortunately, the flashlight will not go back to the chosen intensity after being turned off and back on. However, it does turn on red if that’s how we left it before turning it off. Very useful and smart. To use the 10 second boost just click the button twice when in the 110 lm mode.

PETZL TIKKA plus sideHow do we get to the red? We turn the light off by clicking and holding for 2 seconds. Then, we turn it on and keep holding the button until the second, red, lamp lights up. We go back to white the same way – turn it off and hold for 4 seconds when turning back on.

Pretty simple, although, I think I’d prefer if the turning on and off didn’t take so long. A simple click would be much more convenient.

PETZL TIKKA plus backOverall, it’s a decent headlamp for a reasonable price. And the head band is pretty soft and comfy too 🙂




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