Why Bahco Laplander Sucks

Husqvarna vs Bahco vs SilkySilky vs Bahco vs Husqvarna Saw.
When does the Bahco Laplander folding saw suck? When you compare it to other saws 😉 No, but seriously. It does suck big time when it comes to cutting green, especially coniferous/resinous, wood. Just go and try it yourself. It may have been the best folding saw for buschraft and camping years ago, when there really was nothing better. Or at least when not many people knew better saws existed.

Husqvarna Hatchet Review

Husqvarna Hatchet close upI’ve been using this Husqvarna hatchet for good two years now, and I decided that we knew each-other well enough for me to be able to say something about it.

My opinion about the hatched changed radically relatively recently. At first I was a little disappointed and thought the thing was too heavy and the shaft was too wide and uncomfortable. Then I kind of got used to it and thought it was ok but nothing special.

In the meantime, I was using other, smaller and lighter hatchets and they felt alright. Maybe even better than the Husqvarna. Or so I thought at the time. Some time ago, I came back to this one and I couldn’t believe I’d ever thought it was too heavy, too wide or unwieldy.

Husqvarna Hatchet back viewWhat I think happened there was I simply got stronger from using various axes and hatchets for carving (especially with one hand) and suddenly all the draw backs turned into big advantages. I could finally focus on work instead of whining about how heavy the hatchet was.

Yes it is easier to swing a lighter hatchet but because it’s lighter you have to lift it higher and drop it faster to get the effect you would when hewing with a heavier one. It’s easy to miss and hurt yourself this way. It also isn’t as precise as when lifting the axe lower. It’s simply a lot easier to hit the spot your aiming for when you don’t have to swing the axe too hard.

And finally that wide shaft… It actually assures a firmer grip. It prevents the hatchet from glancing and turning in your hand.

Practice pays off guys 🙂