The closest I’ve ever got to a wild boar

Let me show you a short video from my very close encounter with a wild boar while on a walk in the forest. I was looking for some ash for one of my whittling projects when I came across this beast. This is why I like to wear earth-tone clothes and smell of pine pitch and smoke while on walks in the woods ūüôā That large and lonely boar¬†never even knew I was there – 15 yards in front of it. This is my closest encounter with a boar and frankly, I don’t think I wanna get any closer ūüėČ

I know, I know. There are places, even in Poland, where getting this close to a semi-wild boar is not a big deal. Especially in the west/north-west. From what I’ve seen, those boar are a bit like foxes in London. It’s not the same out here. These are truly wild and mostly forest-dwelling animals. Their numbers in the area, however,¬†may¬†be increasing, as I come a cross more and more of them.¬†I’ve seen four boar on two recent walks. That’s almost as many¬†as I saw as a kid walking around the woods almost every day for months. So either I’m getting better at this, or there are simply more boar out there¬†these days.

First, I was getting them on camera traps I was using for my MRes project. Now, I seem to be bumping into them almost every time I’m out in the woods. It’s definitely nice to see them but there are downsides too. It’s not about safety. I didn’t really feel threatened by this or any of the boar I’ve seen. The general rule is, unless it’s a sow¬†with young, if they see you, they run. The problem is, wild boar, like everything¬†else, have to eat. And they’ll eat anything and everything. From seeds to roots to mice, snakes and grouse chicks. We have a small population of hazel grouse here. The birds nest on the ground. With so many wild boar browsing the¬†undergrowth, it seems these birds may find it increasingly difficult to rear their chicks.

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