Feather Sticks Explained

Feather sticks and feathersticking 101. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of videos on how to make perfect feather sticks. Yet it seems like we’ve all been missing a quite important lesson from Ray Mears.feathersticking

There seem to be 3 main techniques when it comes to feather sticking. The first one is probably best known thanks to Mors Kochanski and it is the ‘point up’ method, which throws shavings to the left of your stick. That is if you are right handed. Second technique is sometimes used by regular YouTubers like you and I, and it’s the ‘edge parallel to the ground’ method. It tends to curl wood straight in front of the blade. The third one I also tend to see on a lot of YouTube videos. It may even be the most popular out there. It’s the ‘point down’ technique and it throws curls to the right.

All are fine and perfectly functional. But there is a fourth one. The ultimate, the best and one and only… Wanna know what I’m talking about? It’s all in the video 🙂

Music: Julia Delaney by Sláinte

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