The Mystery of Hultafors Knife Steel Solved

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After my review of the Hultafors GK Heavy Duty knife, I kept trying to find out something more about the carbon steel it is made out of. This, then, unknown high carbon steel continued to amaze me and I simply couldn’t let it go.

The answer to my question was closer than I thought – Facebook. More precisely, Hultafors Group Facebook page. I asked them my question and got the answer within several days. What did they tell me? Well, watch the video 🙂

I also took the opportunity to talk a bit about the importance of steel type, its chemical composition and heat treat (quenching, hardening, annealing, tempering and all that good stuff). For that reason, I brought out some of my other knives for comparison: Condor Windfang (1075), Blue Mountain Forge bushcraft knife (o1 tool steel) and a hand-made, Scandinavian knife with an antler handle and NC6 high carbon steel blade.

4 thoughts on “The Mystery of Hultafors Knife Steel Solved

  1. Hi Simon, great videos you have on youtube etc… watch a lot, actually bought the GK after watching several of your videos…
    wish you a great day/evening , both 🙂

  2. Hi Simone
    I have two Hultafors GK knives and several Mora’s. like them all, but the GK, in the hand just say’s bash me around I can take it and will not fail you. It is one rugged knife. Have to agree from all the really knowledgeable articles I have read, good heat treat and quench, is far more important than the steel.
    I also understand that, some of the new steels and especially stainless is difficult to get consistent heat treat on. I’m no expert just read the experts, but I do have some cheaper knives that are good way beyond their price point.

    • True. I actually found out about the importance of heat treat the hard way, before reading about it all that much. Something just didn’t add up. The sleel was great, the knife wasn’t cheap but it wouldn’t hold an adge no matter what I did. Several weeks of research and here we are. With the same conclusion 🙂

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