Heavily modified British MOD Survival Knife

Field testing the heavily modified British military survival knife by John Nowill. The specs of this big chopper:
Blade length – 18 cm (7″)
Blade thickness – 6 mm (almost 1/4″)
Weight without the sheath – 450 g (1 Ib)
Blade material – 1095 high carbon steel
Full tang construction
Wooden scales

I have a 6″ leuku, and it’s just too light to chop trees like that. That said, it’s a lot more comfortable to carry around. This MOD weighs as much as my machetes, yet will probably never do as good a job at chopping trees and clearing brushes. I guess there’s always a trade off.

This knife is supposed to be a military tool. I have my doubts how useful it would actually be on a battlefield or near it.

MOD Survival Knife

MOD Survival Knife

Mora Robust Pro vs High Q Robust

Complying with a viewer’s request, I present an old mora high q robust vs a new mora robust pro.

Fighting out of the ‘old’ corner!
This knife sports a 3 mm thick and 102 mm (4″) long blade made out of UHB-20C high carbon steel (1095 equivalent) steel.

Fighting out of the ‘new’ corner!
This knife also has a 3mm thick but shorter, 93 mm (3.75″) long blade made out of the same steel.

The other differences between these competitors include sheaths and handles. Which does a better job carving wood and making feather sticks? Does the new handle have any advantages? What’s with the new sheath? What are the pros and cons of the new Mora Pro?