The Mystery of Hultafors Knife Steel Solved

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After my review of the Hultafors GK Heavy Duty knife, I kept trying to find out something more about the carbon steel it is made out of. This, then, unknown high carbon steel continued to amaze me and I simply couldn’t let it go.

The answer to my question was closer than I thought – Facebook. More precisely, Hultafors Group Facebook page. I asked them my question and got the answer within several days. What did they tell me? Well, watch the video 🙂

I also took the opportunity to talk a bit about the importance of steel type, its chemical composition and heat treat (quenching, hardening, annealing, tempering and all that good stuff). For that reason, I brought out some of my other knives for comparison: Condor Windfang (1075), Blue Mountain Forge bushcraft knife (o1 tool steel) and a hand-made, Scandinavian knife with an antler handle and NC6 high carbon steel blade.